YES Snowboards

S c r o l l D o w n


The evolution of YES. has been shaped by many things.

By our product, our riders, our customers and our fans. And it should be mentioned, with no shortage of thanks, that some of our biggest fans have been those that took a risk on year one. The shops, reps and distributers that went out on a limb and took a chance on a few punk-ass pros launching a new brand, have stumbled, grown, and evolved along with us.

It’s hard to imagine where we’d be…or even if we’d be, without them.

These people have grown to expect a lot from us, and without hesitation, we put that same pressure of high expectations on ourselves. To remain true to why we started and ignore the noise around us has become a bit of a mantra around here. So for 018 we’ve again applied what we’ve learnt in the past to push the needle forward in our own unique way. Expanding the line only where we felt we could add value to a riders experience, trimming the fat and improving on models that were itching for a makeover.

Each year we’ve looked at where we’re at and have had reason to smile at the progress we made. But just like taking it all in at the top of a line before dropping in: we’re happy to be where we’re at and stoked at where we’re going…